Esterka’s & Mimmi’s Adventure to the Unknown

The parents of little Esterka finally decided to move into a new apartment. Unfortunately not able to speak yet, Esterka was never really asked about her opinion on this matter. Upon moving in, it was clear she was feeling uncomfortable. The larger yet unfamiliar interior seemed to be a little fascinating, even a bit intriguing but above all, terrifying! What’s more, the unpacked cartons really did not add to the coziness of this strange place.

Suddenly a new carton was brought in by the courier services. The box was carefully opened. At that moment it was as if Mimmi herself jumped right out with an assuring smile saying, “I will be your friend.” Esterka’s eyes were bright. This doll had worked wonders!

Esterka jumped into the empty carton exclaiming, “Friend, let’s go! Time to get to know the new apartment.” She then started gradually thrusting herself forward in the carton. All fear was gone! With a new friend the apartment started to seem cozier.

“Thank you Mimmi! Relax on the comfortable sofa because tomorrow a new adventure awaits…”

Story from Dominika Meller, Toruń (Poland)

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