Kindness that’s Inclusive of Boys

Meet Krista, mother behind the blog Happy as We Know It! Krista is from Minnesota and is a mother to 2-year-old Asher. We asked her to share with us her thoughts about what it is to shape a kinder future. Here’s what she had to say:

Yesterday we enjoyed reading a story and having a festive picnic in front of our tree with Asher’s new friend Oliver. I have to admit, Oliver was the utmost example of how to be an attentive listener, and he patiently waited his turn like no other!
While I certainly believe my little boy adheres to many of the “stereotypical” labels his gender assigns him, I also firmly believe in fostering his understanding that these roles and identities are flexible and fluid. I want him to know he can play with both dolls, like Oliver, and cars, like Lightning McQueen. He can enjoy both baking in the kitchen and tossing a football. He can be both strong and vulnerable. And he can question and respond when society tries to place him in a box where he doesn’t feel it enables him to be uniquely who God has created him to be.

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