Tree Planting in Kenya

Kenya’s Kijabe Forest is a highland mosaic ‘Afro-alpine’ forest that used to be populate by trees, such as the East African pencil-cedar and African olive.

The forest is now just about 5,000 hectares, but a community of almost 200,000 people depend on it for water, wood, and agriculture.

In 2019 we  planted 5,000 trees in this region together with One Tree Planted. By doing this we were able to contribute to help protect this ecosystem, promote environmental education, and encourage sustainable lifestyle through seed collection and ecotourism. This year we aim to plant ca. 5,000 more trees to continue the important work of sustainably supporting the community of Kijabe.


Why plant trees?

a)     Support local community

The local community is encouraged to maintain sustainable livelihoods through seed collection and ecotourism.

b)     Improve food & water security

Planting trees is aimed to return nutrients to the soil, improving yields for thousands of small farmers and protecting the local community’s water supply.

c)     Protect biodiversity

This project focuses on protecting species such as the Colobus monkey and the African wild dog.

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